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Knit from Lawrence Cottage's own 2 ply lace weight 80% Gotland wool & 20% angora wool. The Gotland sheep who provided this lovely fiber is Amy our 81% Gotland ewe. Our black angora bunny, Nigella provided the angora wool, which was harvested every 90 days. We have two shades of this yarn, this was the darker grey shade. We have a lighter grey as well.

The photos do not show the halo of the angora, but it is stunning!

Kromski Minstrel spinning wheel

Moody Blue's Sealy's German Hybrid angora wool on flyer.

Black Angora Fiber purchased from Harvest Moon Angoras

1.6 oz spun into 110 yards of 2-ply yarn, see next photo.

Dark Tortoiseshell Angora (Thank you GMV's Georgio)

44 Grams, 82 Yards, 2-ply yarn

Hand spun and blended Corredale /Angora hat

Infant hat - Handspun 100% German Baby Angora

(Compliments of HM's Mariposa)

Commercial angora fiber, spun and knit into a tam.

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