Lawrence Cottage Teeswater Sheep

We are American Teeswater Sheep Association (ATSA) members.

Lawrence Cottage's Letha 75% Yearling Ewe

Sire: UKs Grey Green Star Dam: Shepherd Lane's Lizzie

Lawrence Cottage's Rosella

Reserve Champion

White Longwool Yearling Ewe 82.25%

2014 Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

Sire: UKs Rimington Playboy

Dam: C. King Sadie

Teeswater sheep originated in Teesdale, England. Teeswater sheep are classified as an English Long Wool breed. The Teeswater sheep are of a gentle/docile temperament. Teeswater wool is of a long staple length, high lustor, extremely soft and genetically kemp free. The long purley locks contain no dark fiber and hang free, without propensity to felt on the animal. Teeswater wool has a soft handle. As of 2020 remains in an upgrade status in North America. So far, the only Teeswater sheep in North America are the result of importation of UK semen and artificial insemination.

Here at Lawrence Cottage we are upgrading with the goal of a purebred registered Teeswater flock. We have percentage Teeswater ewes. We are excited to be adding a few fine Teeswater sheep to our flock with many thanks to the Dally's of Five Oaks Teeswaters!

Teeswater sheep are on the United Kingdom Rare Breed Survival Trust watch list. Their current status "vulnerable". Here at Lawrence Cottage we will strive to preserve this wonderful breed. We feel very honored to have in our care a few of these regal sheep.

We are members of the American Teeswater Sheep Association

Lambs growing well & fast!

82.75% Teeswater Tup (Lawrence Cottage's Over the Moon) & Gimmer (Lawrence Cottage's Rose) out of Hazel & Newbould's Grey Green Star

Over the Moon has been retained as our back up breeding ram as genetics are scarce and he is a fine back up ram!

Lawrence Cottage Duchess 75% Teeswater ewe

Sire: Rimington Playboy, bred by D. Pilkington of the U.K.

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Hazel, companion to Elizabeth, fondly referred to as Lizzie.

Hazel is a registered 65.5% Teeswater. Lizzie is a registered 50% Teeswater ewe.

Ruby, beloved matriarch of our flock. I wish I had more photos of her. She was a very solid ewe, and threw excellent lambs!

This is where it all began. Minnie on the left. Hazel front right, Ruby behind Hazel and Rosetha in the back of Ruby. Rosetha is a duaghter to Ruby.

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