Princess Dot, our Angora goat, Thanks to Boyd Farm Angoras.
Boyd Farm Angoras can by seen at
Mocha & Cuddles 
 Nubian Does
Cloud, Nubian Doe
Our Lamancha doe, Angi
w/ her twin does born 2/12/2012.
Ebony & Ivory

Cassie the guard llama @ Lawrence Cottage. 
Lawrence Cottage
in Summer 

                                                                                  Winter Wonderland
Virgil, Clementine & Wilbur chowing down
                                                                             Check out Clemi's ears!
                                          Growing pigs!                                                         Virgil getting special attention!

                                                                      Echo adopts the pigs! (and they adopt her!)

Every Barn needs a cat! 
    Mariposa our Manx mouser!
                                                               Livestock Guardian Dogs (Great Pyrenees) at work (and play).
We rely on our guard dogs to protect our flock from stray dogs, black bear, cougar, bobcat & coyotes.


                   Cooper, our Great Pyrenees male , on guard.                   Echo, our female Great Pyrenees on guard.



Cooper watching the ravine side of the pasture.
 Echo guarding 100% German Angora bunnies.