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2016 Lamb Crop out of Lawrence Cottage's 95% Gandalf!  Lawrence Cottage's Gandalf is sired by one of the last available straws of UK's Charles!    Several Ewe lambs available at $600/head. 2 ram lambs are available at $900+/head. 



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Gotland's are from the Gotland Islands, Sweden.  They originated from the primitive Gute sheep of Gotland.  Vikings likely developed this breed from acquisitions obtained during their voyages.  They are a polled breed.  They do not require tail docking, due to the primitive origins.  The Gotland is a multi-purpose breed, used for meat, wool and pelts.  They are a calm/docile breed, prolific and easy lambers.  They seek out human interaction.   Here in the Northerm hemisphere Gotland's breed in the late fall.   Gotland ewes have good mothering instincts.  Lambs are known for being up on their feet quickly after birth.   Laproscopic artificial insemination (LAI) has made it possible for shepherds in North America to enjoy this breed. 
We have a small flock of sheep, which enables us to devote a great deal of attention to each individual sheep in the flock.  Our Gotland's are by far the friendliest of our sheep. 
Here at Lawrence Cottage we are selecting for fleece quality, as well as conformation of our sheep.  We breed for fleeces with luster and softness.  Our genetics come primarily from the UK.  There are some wonderful Gotland sheep that were imported from Sweden to the UK before Sweden's market changed.  These sheep were of the original Gotland Isle/Swedish stock.  Hand spinners love the luster and handle of this fiber.  It also fabulous for felting/crafts.  
More information on LAI at
Gotland meat has a sweet, delicate flavor.  It is tight grained and tender.  Gotland meat is much leaner than many of the popular sheep meat breeds. There is very little fat/talo, hence no strong flavors.  Our sheep are primarily grass fed.  Market lambs receive no hormones or antibiotics.
 We are members of 
Voluntary Scrapie Flock Identification Program
We've invested in testing our flock for OPP & Johnes; and are delighted that we have tested negative.   We keep a closed flock with the hope that we can keep our flock clean from these devistating ovine diseases. 
  What is OPP?  (Ovine Progressive Pneumonia)
Visit the website of the  OPP Sheep Breeders Society at
What is Johnes? (paraTuberculosis)
Visit the University of Wisconsin School of Veternary Medicine on the web at
Sheep Blankets/coats: we like the Australian Matilda brand sheep blankets found at



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Lambs getting a good start in the barn before venturing out into the pasture!

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The sheep of our pasture

Lawrence Cottage's Kari
95% Gotland Ewe, Twin
Born Spring 2015
Pictured as a Yearling
Sire: UK Charles
Dam: LCGs Effie

Lawrence Cottage's EmmaLou    Sale Pending
87.5% Gotland Ewe, Twin
Born Spring 2013
Pictured as a yearling
Sire: UK Winston
Dam: GOGs Emma

Lawrence Cottage's EmmaBelle
87.5% Gotland Ewe, Twin
Born Spring 2013
Pictured as a yearling
Sire: UK Winston
        Dam: GOGs Emma       

Lawrence Cottage's Annabelle
84.37% Gotland Ewe, Single
Born Spring 2013
Pictured as yearling
Sire: UK Winston
Dam: LCGs Annie

Photo coming...eventually....maybe soon....

Lawrence Cottage's LolaBelle
75% Gotland Ewe, Twin
Born Spring 2013
Pictured as yearling
Sire: UK Winston
Dam: GOGs Lola  

Lawrence Cottage's Mae
68.75% Gotland Ewe, Twin
Born Spring 2012
Pictured as Yearling
Dam: GOG's Lola
Very tight curl, very fine fleece.

                          Lawrence Cottage's Amy  as a gimmer w/ her Dam : GOGs Emma (Sire: GOGs KMAC)  

Lawrence Cottage's Amy
2011 Oregon Flock & Fiber Morris Culver Memorial Best Fleece
2011 Oregon Flock & Fiber 1st place Recorded Gotland Ewe Lamb
2011 Oregon Flock & Fiber Champion Recorded Gotland Ewe
2011 AGSS Western Region Reserve Grand Champion Ewe
2011 AGSS Western Region Supreme Best Fleeced Animal

 Lola, 50% Gotland ewe w/ lambs & Cooper the Great Pyrenees pup/Livestock Guardian Dog.  April 2010

This is where our journey into the wonderful world of Gotland's began!  
Our Gotland upgrading all began with Lola!

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