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**note: photographed color may vary on different computer screens.  I try to represent colors as close to true color as possible.

Teeswater Long Locks
Excellent lock structure/definition!  Locks stretch to approximately 11 inches
$12 per Ounce
16 ounces available

Teeswater Roving
Grown in Oregon, milled locally in Oregon!  Our new batch is like gossamer!  It is open and airy, drafts easily!
$4 per Ounce
Please specify if you would like this prepared in a center pull bump or ball.

Sea Foam Teeswater Locks
Locks are separated, the tips are intact.   Staple length is mostly greater than 8 inches.  Separating the locks caused them to frizz!  They could definitely be dipped again to re-gain their original structure.  These would be great for lock spinning or felting projects!  Lots of luster/sheen in these locks!  Acid fast dyes used.
12 ounces available
$6 per ounce

Sea Foam Teeswater Locks 
Not separated, but easily separated.  Soft, lustrous fiber!  Acid fast dyes used.
Staple varies, up to 11 inches.
13 ounces available.
$9 per ounce

Pink n Lavender Teeswater Locks
Staple length varies, up to 8 inches
Soft handle, lustrous easily seperated locks.  Acid fast dyes used.
16 Ounces available
$9 per Ounce

(new photos coming once light is improved)
Blue n Purple Teeswater Locks
color is not perfectly photos coming!
Staple length varies, up to 11 inches.
This fleece was hand picked.  Flash was used for several photos, colors are actually dark and rich.  Acid fast dyes used.
16 ounces available.
$6 per ounce

Grey n Wine Gotland Locks
Staple length averages 3 inches
Soft handle, curls galore and luster! Perfect for art yarn or felting!  Acid fast dyes used.
2 pounds available
$2 per ounce

Washed Teeswater Lamb Fleece
Very clean, soft handle &  luster!   Staple averages 8 inches.
$110 entire fleece 1 pound 11 ounces
I would consider selling this fleece in smaller lots, email me if interested.


(new photos coming once light is better)
Lichen Teeswater Locks
Color is not perfectly correct, new photos coming
Acid fast dye.  Staple length averages 8-10 inches.  Locks have not been separated, but will easily separate out.  
22 ounces available
$8 per ounce

Light Grey Gotland Roving
$2.75 per ounce
Please specify if you would like a ball or a center pull bump!
Roving is open and airy, it will draft easily.  Excellent for spinning, weaving, felting!

Light Ecru Teeswater Worsted  by Weight /  Sport Diameter Yarn
Grown by Lawrence Cottage in Oregon and milled by Skyline Fiber Mill in Oregon.
13 WPI, averaging 135-147 grams per skein
2-ply yarn
$25 per 250 yard skein.  Many skeins available!

Please email with any questions
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