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Looking Glass Loft's goals/committment for Breeding German Angoras:

    • The Health & Happiness of the rabbit is always uppermost in our mind as we endeavor to produce excellant fiber animals.
    • Increase density, improve texture. We are breeding for the german style coat. We feel this coat is optimal due to is lack of matts which is better for the bunny and decreases grooming requirements.
    • Temperment: We feel it is important to breed rabbits with excellant temperments as these animals are handled for shearing, and frequent trimming of the vent area. An animal with a good temperment is a delight to handle.
    • Color: We will only breed spot free angoras. We will be paying close attention to keeping the recessive colors in our breeding stock. We are very interested in the chocolates, blacks and red/orange/fawn colors.
    • Conformation: we will be paying careful attention to breed rabbits with true german angora conformation.
    • Collaboration: working with other reputable german purebred and hybrid breeders to improve the German Hybrid wool rabbits available in the Northwest.
    • Promotion of this wonderful fiber animal.


Looking Glass Loft's Available Bunnies:


Typically kits will be ready for new homes at 8-12 weeks of age. Transition food will be provided upon the sale of kits. Sometimes kits are born with spots or discolored toenail, making them great pet quality bunnies. These bunnies will be excellant fiber animals for hand spinners. These bunnies are sold without pedigrees. Kits are shorn at 8 & 12 weeks of age to promote density. Please email if you are interested in reserving a kit. I will place your name on the reservation list. A $25.00 deposit is required to hold a hybrid kit and 50% deposit to hold a purebred kit.


Litter in the nestbox:

HM's Mariposa & HM's IAGARB registered Kizmet

5-purebred kits

All kits will be retained for further evaluation

3bucks 2 does

Looking Glass Loft's Akhenaten - buck retained

Looking Glass Loft's Nefertiti - doe retained

Looking Glass Loft's Aten- buck retained

Looking Glass Loft's Isis- doe retained

Looking Glass Loft's Amun-Ra - buck retained


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