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We raise German and German Hybrid Angora rabbits. We are new to Angora raising and thankful for a few very helpful local angora breeders who have shared their wealth of information. Thanks be to Cathy Burnell for introducing us to these wonderful creatures! Special thanks to Carrie Culliton of Harvest Moon Angoras and Joy Weer of Goat Mountain View Farm. Finally, many thanks to Peggy (& Leonard) Zierlein my rabbit 4-H leader of 19-years ago.

As beginning spinners we have developed a delight in spinning the soft luxurious wool of the Angora rabbit. German Angoras have been bred for especially dense and impressive wool production. The older German Angora lines can offer great colors, due to hybridization with French and English Angoras. The newer German Angora import lines improve the density of wool. Both are very important factors in fiber production.

In addition to good genetics is good husbandry. Along that line we feed our angoras the Union Mills Feed Store version of King feed to promote optimal wool production. It is rewarding to raise the rabbits that produce this wonderful fiber!

Our Angoras are carefully shorn for their beautiful wool. After shearing they are placed under a heat lamp until their coat achieves adequate length to insulate them against the cold.


Our Herd

Purebred German Angoras



Rabbitry:(Virtual Tour)

Harvest Moon's Kizmet, 100% German REW Buck

Genotype: Aa BB cc Dd E_

Kizmet is our first IAGARB Registered German Angora. Kizmet's conformation and wool judging points totaled 98.5! His GW/AW were 1640/1433. He produced 325 grams of lovely prime fiber! He has an nice ratio of 2006 import lines. The 2006 import lines are important for improved density and genetic diversification within the German Angora population. Kizmet comes from two excellant breeding programs. Kizmet's sire was bred by Bungalow Farms and his dam was bred by Harvest Moon Angoras. Kizmet has a very sweet disposition. Thank you Carrie!!!


Harvest Moon's Mariposa, 100% German REW Doe - 4 mo. old

Genotype: __ __ cc __ __

Harvest Moon's Mariposa is our first 100% German doe. Her sire is the legendary Mack, bred by Bungalow Farms. Her dam is Elizabeth Swann, bred by Cindy's Treasures. We have great hopes for this young lady! She is a sister to the phenomenal four record breaking rabbits at the April 2009 IAGARB Registration event!

With our first pair of 100% German Angoras we are hoping for babies in the near future and then IAGARB wool runs after that, which will result in luxurious yarn for knitting!

Mariposa's 90-day shearing at 6 months old yielded a gross wieght total of 551 grams (19 oz) of lush fiber!


Hybrid German/French Angoras

Looking Glass Loft's Eremerus

aa B_ C_ D_ Ee

74% German/26% French Self Black Doe

Eremerus is 4 months old in this photo. Sired by GMV's Georgio (torte) and HM's Sweetpea (self black). She has an excellent temperment and general sweetness about her. Though she is still in full "baby" coat her wool has awesome crimp!


Looking Glass Loft's Kierokoe

aa B_ C_ D_ Ee

74% German/26% French self black buck

Kierokoe is 4 months old in this photo. Sired by GMV's Georgio (torte) and HM's Sweetpea. He has an excellent temperment. Though he is still in full "baby" coat his wool has awesome crimp!


Looking Glass Loft's Mario

Aa bb Cc D_ E_

70.6% German/29.4% French Chocolate Agouti Buck

Mario is out of Harvest Moon's Lily & Moody Blue's Sealy. He is a very affectionate young man with great color! He is 3 months old in this photo with about a month of wool growth. He has good density and very soft wool.


Looking Glass Loft's Willow

aa bb Cc D_ E_

70.6% German/29.4% French Self Chocolate Buck

Willow is 3 months old in this photo and sporting less than a month of wool growth. He has very nice density of wool and german style texture. He is a very friendly fellow!


Harvest Moon's Lily

82.25% German/17.75% French REW Doe

Genotype: Aa Bb cc D_ Ee Pedigree

HM's Lily is the progeny of awesome wool producers. Harvest Moon's Lily carries 2006 import genetics. This sweet young lady is the daughter of Bungalow Farm's 100% German REW Mack and Blessed Farm's colored doe Summer. HM's Lily has awesome wool density and very German Angora style coat. She is a great momma bunny and throws chocolate kits to top it all off!

Her 9 month shearing at 76 days yielded 329 grams (11.5 oz).


Harvest Moon's Reseda

88.5% German / 11.5% French Chestnut Agouti Doe

Genotype: AaBbCcD_E_

Out of IAGARB registered Echelon (100% German Angora doe) & Blessed Farm's 77% German buck Fudge. This lovely doe carries the chocolate gene recessively! We are looking forward to chocolate babies in the future!


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