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This portion of the website is dedicated to the identification of old family photos. If you see a photo you recognize please contact me at staciholtby@lookingglassloft.com

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Surnames include: Condron, Bowser, Brooks, Fluke, Smith, McGee, Lingenfelter, Brundage, Buchheit, Long, Sink and probably many more.

These families were located in Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Oregon, Iowa, Nebraska and probably elsewhere too!

Nellie Brooks

Likely belongs to the BROOKS Family of

Columbia County, New York. The photo was taken at the Sullivan Bros. Studio in Hudson, NY. The photograph

appears to have been taken in the 1890's or early 1900's with Nellie likely

in her 20's at the time it was taken. In addition to her name, someone has

written "My Sister" on the back of the photograph.

Unidentified woman, also taken at the

Sullivan Bros. Studio in Hudson, NY. Possibly a BROOKS family member. This photograph was probably taken in

the early 1900's with the woman likely in her teens or 20's.

Unknown Family. This photo was taken at Plum Creek, Butler County, Nebraska. Plum Creek is very near the Iowa border. This photo was in the John Luther Condron Album from Jefferson County, Pennsylvania. (John Luther Condron and family migrated from Pennsylvania to the Willamette Valley, Oregon in the early 1900's) The only family I am aware of in the Iowa/Nebraska region was that of David Condron and William Condron (both uncles to John Luther Condron, son of John Condron b. 1816 to Jacob and Elizabeth Lockhard-Condron.

This unidentified photo was taken in Cozad, Butler County, Nebraska. Cozad is very near Plum Creek where the previous photo originated. The back of the photo says "Abbie". I do not know of an Abbie in the family, it may have been a middle name or a nickname.

Unidentified tintype photo. Likely from Pennsylvania or New York. Condron's, Brook's and Bowser's are found in Pennsylvania. Brook's are also located in New York at the time of this tintype.

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